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We are PRO Plastics India and are in process of creating Extended Producer Responsibility about Plastic Waste in India via the generation of $100 mm Fund.  EPR (extended producer responsibility) is about managing the product in the waste phase. Government has assigned the producers the responsibility ( Financial or physical) for the treatment and disposal of their products at the end of life to support public recycling and material management goals. EPR program is either a takeback requirement mandating individuals producers to collect and treat the waste generated or a legal obligation to finance the activities. It is an organization financed by producers whose primary task is to set up and manage the infrastructure that organizes collection and processing on behalf of their members.

We undertake audits of Material Resource Facility (Dhalauns) and are in process of creating the largest database of Wastepickers, wholesalers, Recyclers, Textile Manufacturers, Brands and Cement Plants in India and interlinking all the loopholes in the Supply Chain.

We are also creating Sustainable Clothing Line from PET Bottles into clothes.  Each T-Shirt manufactured by us approximately weighs 200 gms is created from 8 used PET Bottles which would have ended up in landfills in India gets an extended life infinite number of times.

Our Organization was created on 5th June 2018 ( World Environment Day) and have completed the First Audit of IL&FS managed MRF on 13th June 2018. Our First Pilot Project shall go live on 1st August 2018 along with IPCA. We are in process of creating a Master Franchisee Agreements for every city in India. Those Master Franchises have to be registered with CPCB/SPCB.

About The Organisation

This PRO ( Producer Responsibility Organisation ) is a teamwork between a large set of stakeholders i.e Wastepickers, Academia, Industry, Government. We are in process of creating $100 mm (India Recycling Fund) Fund that helps every Stakeholder fulfill its mission and objective – be it Government / Civil Society / Brands / Research & Academia / Recyclers / Processors. Creating the environment for entrepreneurship, fuelling the drive towards Swach Bharat while creating Circular Economies.This PRO could include all stakeholders in the plastics arena to create an unparalleled circular economy for the world to look up to.

Our Team

Amit Saha

Amit Saha / CEO

Visionary driven professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to fructify ideas into businesses. Have 27+ years of diverse global level experience, primarily in the FMCG sector. Was associated with Hindustan Coca-Cola Pvt. Ltd. as Chief Sustainability Officer for India & South West Asia. Spent 17 years with Coca-Cola and prior to Coca-Cola, worked with Gillette and Eicher for about 10 years.

Role as Chief Sustainability Officer in Coca-Cola has been focused on managing stakeholders & relationships with Govt. officials,  representing the company in industry bodies like CII, leading industry forums and shaping conversations on social issues of national scale like waste management, policy advocacy, sustainability, risk management & business continuity.

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