PRO India on Pyrolysis

What do you think of when you see plastics waste mixed with muck and everything else that you see lying along the roadside or brought back into landfills! Sure you cant think of recycling that. What’s the solution to plastics which are mixed with one another ( think of MLP where PE is mixed with Nylon and Aluminum) to create barrier properties that are Un-paralleled and at that cost. Making then Un-Recyclable too! What’s the solution? bringing them back ( long-distance

Merlin Entertainments begins single-use plastic phase out, starting with straws

The Legolands, Sea Life and Madame Tussauds operator has launched a review into the sale and distribution of single-use plastic items across its global estate, pledging a removal of plastic straws from its operations by the end of 2018. Merlin Entertainments operates more than 120 attractions worldwide, including Thorpe Park and Legoland in the UK Merlin Entertainments committed on Friday (23 November) to phase out plastic straws from its entire estate of 124 attractions by the end of 2018, replacing them with paper

Aldi begins black plastics phase-out as part of packaging overhaul

Discount chain Aldi is switching a range of its fresh produce packaging from hard-to-recycle black plastic to clear, recyclable alternatives, in a move that is set to save around 265 tonnes of plastic a year. The supermarket has announced that it will introduce the new plastic trays to six of its fresh fruit and vegetable lines by the end of this month, as it strives towards a 2025 goal of ensuring all of its own-brand packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable. Aldi has

Finally PROs are in India

  It is high time that Producers of the Plastic Waste or any kind of Waste becomes responsible for the waste generation part of the product. India is very new to the concept of PRO i.e. Producer Responsibility Organization. PRO means the responsibility is till the end of the life cycle of the product i.e. Cradle to Grave Approach for the Product. PRO is a European concept which has been in European Nations close to 30 years. PRO’s task is to setup

Shoes made of Ocean Plastics

Many Brands are following on the lines of Adidas  which launched its range of footwear entirely made of ocean based post consumer recyclable plastics and have already sold close to 1 million shoes since 2016. It has opened a new market for the shoe industry as it is manufactured from a Yarn developed by Parley that is made from recyclable plastic thus reducing amount of plastic waste and increasing the longevity of single use disposable post-consumer plastic. Each shoe is

Everyday plastics emit greenhouse gases: study

Plastic used in everyday objects from bottles to packaging emit greenhouse gases when exposed to sunlight, according to a study released on August 1, as global concern about its impact on the world’s oceans grows. Plastic pollution has come under increased scrutiny from environmentalists as the scale of the problem has become clear – this year it emerged that a giant island made up of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean was far larger than thought. Now scientists have discovered that

After banning plastic, Maharashtra readies with buyback scheme; here’s what it means

The Maharashtra government is set to roll out a buyback scheme for waste plastic PET bottles and milk pouches. It’ll be the first state to implement a buyback depository system, joining 40 other nations. Soon, returning an empty milk pouch could fetch one 50 paise. Here’s a look at what this scheme is all about. WHAT IS MAHARASHTRA’S PLASTIC DEPOSITORY SYSTEM? Like some other states, one time use plastic and thermocol items have been banned under the Maharashtra Plastic & ThermocolProducts Act,

Lays, Kurkure and Bingo shall now come in smaller versions

The 2 Billion Dollar Snacks industry in India has come under the eyes of Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board. In order to meet new plastic norms, Snacks packets size is being reduced in after a Statewide ban on the sale of larger packets as it contributes to the Plastic Pollution. It is already being thought that the same shall be followed in rest of the states as well. Sustainable Packaging Solutions are need of the hour in order to reduce,

Walt Disney Bans the Plastic Straws

We use close to 10 million straws a day all made of plastics. Another figure puts 500 million Straws are used alone in USA every day.  A single restaurant chain uses close to 900,000 straws every day in Australia. More than half of it enters oceans and landfills. Going by the numbers, Walt Disney like other major giants i.e Starbucks have decided to ban straws from their restaurants in all the locations across the world. Plastic Straws create havoc and

Scourge of the planet

Plastic, plastic everywhere and not a single solution in the Sight. Mankind has benefitted from the use of plastics in the last century on a very vast scale. But the Problem with plastic  has taken a significant turn since the decade of 90s. The problem with Plastic is its long-lasting life making it impossible to biodegrade in normal biodegradable environments and it ends up in landfills and waterways clogging the pores and arteries of the sewerage systems and microplastics clogging the